In response to my elderly uncle’s request for assistance in ensuring that his current and future needs for personal care and estate planning were met, we contacted Laroux. My uncle has mobility issues and Laroux was greatly sensitive to this issue and provided much needed support and flexibility by working with us to schedule more desirable meeting times for my uncle and traveling out to my uncle’s senior residence site. Throughout the process, Laroux demonstrated her competence and depth of knowledge in estate planning law as well as her expertise as a skilled facilitator and very effective communicator. Thanks to Laroux, my uncle has the peace of mind of knowing that his affairs are in order and that family members are clear about his future intentions.
— K.J.

As new parents, drafting a Will meant having to think and talk about some devastating what-if scenarios. Laroux responded to our questions and uncertainty with an incredible blend of empathy and professionalism. Her knowledge and expertise gave us confidence that we would leave no loopholes, and she was quick to help us see many sides to each decision point. When we got stuck on some of the complex decisions, she helped us get through the sticking points and recommended best practices to help us move forward. We really appreciated her flexibility and Skype meetings, making it so easy for us to get through the process.
— T.H.

As a mom of two young kids, having a Will was more important than ever. I wanted to have the peace of mind to know that if something ever happened to me, that my kids would be well taken care of, and according to my wishes. Laroux made the process of discussing uncomfortable matters comfortable and easy. She was flexible and accommodating, working around our schedules, which made discussing such a difficult matter far less stressful.
— L.A.